Welcome to STUDIO3513

If you love the salon atmosphere and  beauty based on weird societal beauty standards, We might not be the best "salon" for you. This space is made for Artists and humans who want to become ART.

Studio3513 is a neurodivergent safe space. What does that mean? If you love to sing we can have sing-a-longs. If you enjoy art, there are massive amounts of art supplies. There are figit toys and snacks, we can order food, skip the blow-dry...anything we need, to keep us both regulated during long appointments. 


Why Hair?

Once upon a time I was just as reckless as these teens coloring their hair weekly. In 1996 I had no access to internet, Just bad decisions.  I started coloring my hair at age 12. By 15, all my friends parents hated when their kids came over to my house because they would come home with who knows what done to their hair. I knew in 2005 that I wanted to go to beauty school but became a massage therapist instead. As a massage therapist, I understood that we have to set down our pain before it can leave the body. I had the realization that people crave change in the middle of their internal transformations. It made sense to me that beauty is a healing art. 

 I started beauty school in 2012, I got what I thought was almost done and then moved from CA to OR in 2013, and finished all but a few hundred hours before taking a break to focus on nails, esthetics, and massage.  I was able to finish hair in 2020.

I really hated beauty school, it was a long road. I have come to turn this industry up-side-down by shouting "Everyone is BEAUTIFUL. "  I went to school in 2012,2013,and 2020 because of this, I feel I ended up with a better education. The different timelines, teachers, and locations,  allowed me to get several perspectives and approaches to color. So now I am a vivid specialist using my Art skills to create beautiful hair ART.

By Appointment Only



 Specialty Blonding 

  • Balayage $225+ 
  • Foilyage $225+
  • Foilyage mini foil $180+ (face frame or up to 9 foils)
  • Platinum Card $300+
  • Platinum Card retouch $140+ within first 8 weeks.
  • Foilyage retouch $225+

COLOR  Correction

  • Color Correction $100hr ($300 min.)
  • Stand alone CPR $60+ per round.
  • Consultation and strand test $40 non- refundable applied to total at the end.

Strength & Moisture Treatments  

  • Olaplex No.01+No.02  are    included with all color services for the health of your canvas. 
  • Stand alone Treatments start at $40
  • Take home treatments available starting at $38

Oxidative COLOR

  • All over color $140+
  • Root retouch w/ oxidative color $115+
  • Gloss/Tone add on, $40+  up to 2oz.
  • Stand alone Gloss & tone Refresh $80+


  • Vivid color  $120+ $120 first hour, $80hr after. 
  • Complex/Prism Placements $160+
  • 9 Foil Vivid $250+ (includes mini foil foilyage and vivid application)
  • Vivid root only retouch add on to other blonding services  $115


  • Custom Clip-in pieces and wigs are available. Deposit required.  Cost of hair+ $100hr 


  • Cuts  $35+
  • Curl Cut $65+ this cut encourages the curls to coil. I walk curly humans through how they can best care for curls.  I show clients how to recognize and correct unruly coils. all textures welcome!
  • Wash+Cut+Style $70hr


Gel Polish 

  • Gel Polish with basic art on up to 4 nails $50+
  • Gel Polish with elaborate art add $5 per nail
  • Nail fix $3 per nail



I use mermaid wax, a premium highly elastic, hypoallergenic hard wax.

  • Brow shape $25
  • Brow clean-up$25
  • Brow Tint+shape $35
  • Brow tint+shape+ Lamination $65
  • Full Face wax $32
  • lip or chin $12
  • Lower leg/arm $80
  • Full Leg/arm/back $100+
  • Bikini $50
  • Brazilian  $80 by referral only

Body Treatments

  • Body Scrub OR Mud wrap $130 stand alone or add-on to a massage for $100. All varieties.
  • custom blended for smell and herbal composition 


  • lesson $50hr
  • Airbrush $50+
  • Bridal 150+
  • Costume $50+


  • Therapeutic Bodywork  $100hr 
  • ½ sessions $60
  • ¾ sessions $80
  • 75min $130


Commissioned Art

priced by intricacy of design and total size.

 For Murals my rate is  $200 per 4 hour day plus product. 

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