Caring for your new pet VIVID



2. use VIVID SAFE/keratan safe shampoo and conditioner.(not just color safe)

3. Wash ROOTS only. Washing your ends will fade them and cause damaged dry, dull hair.

4. Use HEAT Protection and DRY Immediately. your hair is bleeding out the entire time its wet. Get a dark pillowcase and note that this color may stain.

5. Embrace the Fade. Vivids are made to fade and if you feel like its not fading well, reach out and we can troubleshoot together.

What kind of COLOR do you have?

Look below  to help you find at home color Maintenance tips for your pattern and color! enjoy the ADVENTURE!


This is a must to wash in COLD water , not warm. Dry after every wash, or risk bleeding into a muddy mess.

Hidden rainbow 

This is low maintenance, but still requires cold water. Wash partial rainbows separately. 

Vivid +Blonde

This one is tricky, the rainbow will bleed into the blonde with each wash so its super important to dry immediately every wash.

PLatinum White

All hair lifts warm all hair fades warm. Every single wash much like silver or red, pigment must remain in your hair, not just to keep the tone, but also to keep your Level 10 Blonde strong.


Red fades faster than any other color and while we can make reds last with at home care, they do require regular maintenance. 

Split Dye

Pretty straight forward, separate your hair in half, wash separately in cold Water! Enjoy the fade. these can take up to 9 months correct the split pattern depending on the saturation of pigment.

Mostly One Color 

With one color vivids, the best part is, you get to refresh your color at home with EVERY wash. We mix your color in a conditioner base and you replenish your color for the health, vibrancy, and longevity of your color. with every application of color, your longevity increases.

Half and Half

Silver is tricky and fades turquoise98% of the time. so when we mix in rainbow, the at home care must be on point. Silver color bombs are applied to the under side in this case, and the rainbow is washed separately in COLD water.

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