Model Call:

 I have some nifty ideas and NEED an OUTLET.

 Here's the breakdown, 1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this  page.

2. Fill out the become a client form, I will send more paperwork to the email provided.

3. Subscribe to the "Not so monthly newsletter." This is how I will be letting everyone know about short notice openings in my schedule. When schedules match up, we get that hair model experience.

4. Start sending hair pics to my DMs Lets start building your hair project in advance. I have so many cool ideas, lets adapt them to catch your personalized rainbow, a palette just as unique as you. 

I will be choosing at minimum of 4 models before Christmas.

Models receive: 

 ♡ Swag bags with hair accessories

♡ 2 OLAPLEX treatments, a haircut, some 

 ♡ SWEET pics to show off 

 ♡ PIZZA lunch, and

 ♡ Epic one of a kind vivid color.

 ♡  An invitation to make ART while you become ART and join an underground art society.

Oh' and ya get to spend the day with me!

What are the requirements? 

♡  All hair types, textures, and lengths. Beards 

♡  Be an Awesome person, this will be the whole day and I only chill and work on people I can unmask around.

♡ No color corrections.

 ♡ No previous box color/DIY color, Pre-Lightened and highlights ok.

 ♡ No previous perms/relaxers , keratin ok.

♡ I get complete creative freedom.  I have many ideas, so I will still want to know your dream hair, art style, and parameters. 

 BTW:Rainbow Roulette is always an option. (Look up hair roulette)

 ♡ Must be available weekdays.

 ♡ Photoshoot. We gotta get a ton of pics, including possibly coming back for more pics on another day. 

♡ Wear/ bring a solid black shirt. 

What's the cost? 

 ♡ $90 Non-Refundable deposit due before booking the appointment  to make sure I don't get ghosted (no showed) 48Hour cancellation policy applies.

 ♡ 50% off ALL specialty Blonding: Balayage,  Foilyage, Platinum Cards, Shattered Root Platinum Cards

 ♡ Pay for product Cost only on the vivids. I gotta cover my cost, but I am donating my labor in order to create cool ART. 

 Want in on this?

♡ Fill out this Hair Model Application below.

♡ Not applicable for already scheduled appointments.

 ♡ Regular Clients Apply anyway. I have ideas all the time. I plan to fill unexpected gaps in my schedule with models in order to maximize my creativity and ensure that I create consistent ART every week.

 ♡ Models will be chosen  based on whose hair can most reasonably achieve the outcome of the current theme and  idea, color, or pattern in my mind, and By availability  especially short notice availability.

 ♡ My Creativity is UNPREDICTABLE. Y'all never know when I am in the mood to color.

 ♡ Follow me on INSTAGRAM! 

Full makeover giveaway at 900 followers. *As long as there are at least 25 entries, just to be fair.

Extra Fine Print:

 *To ensure maximum availability and creativity, You may be only be chosen for up to 1  hair model experience per client per year. There is no guarantee that I will continue this program, I might change, end, or update this program at any time.


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