Hey! Hi. Hello.

My name is Michelle and I am obsessed with COLOR. I am an artist.  I have no idea what to say here. I am a rad rainbow factory...I love to take in all the inspiration, the color palette,  and mix up tones to play in. I make unique  light/dark patterns  and create Art. Seriously, It really feels like I get to create  ART on other humans. I am so grateful. I have some amazing clients. I am autistic and likely ADHD, but I like to just say I am 3rd generation odd. My special interests are: COLOR, muscles+biomechanics, God, and pondering deep thoughts like how I am a whole galaxy of cells and how they have trash service... anyway, hi, hello, I look forward to sharing cool things here, once I figure it out. (tech is not my strong suit, but I am tenacious.)   Instagram is my current portfolio but here I hope to add more ME into the mix. Whatever that means.


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Alternate Biographies: 

Acts 17:28

We are inside a body. Don't be cancer. What is life bringing for you, may be Death bringing for me. LOVE people. ZERO exception.


I am an animal. Rolls are adorable on pandas, lemme be. Convinced Eden still exists outside my doorstep. These animals are shunning us. They interact with every other species but us without vocal chords and we think we are advanced.

i sing while i work.

i sing in target. i sing new songs everyday, while i clean. ask me to sing a new song i will zero hesitation.


That is all. (not really, I just dont have it in me to explain the fullness of oddness inside thus meow shall suffice.)

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